We are a post-production studio based both in Milan and New York, with more than 15 years of worldwide experience, where the highest level of technical competence and the use of cutting edge technology combine with creativity. WHAT WE DO. Highest level of post production. CGI. Digital assistance during shoots with phaseone digital backs. Certified GmG iso39 Ugra/Fogra prints. In-house Fiber optics 100Mbit Ftp server. Our staff has been working with. G. Sgura R. VimercatiM. Di Battista, T. Yeste, t. gates, n. bustos, A. Soule,  j. bresnan, r. ramos, d. brubaker, r. vimercati, m. pamparana, h. stelzenberger, f. leidi, a. improtaP. AbbattistaS. JacobsenA. GelatiS. MoroT. StraubJWTPublicisMc-CannLeo Burnett and many, many others

Digital Area Milano|New York

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